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Workshops and Demos

Florida Circle of Nature Artists

I am excited to announce my upcoming FCNA 2024 workshop in February! 

I am  planning on working on Stonehenge paper, applying a wet in wet color wash with watercolors and then adding colored pencil for depth and details.


This workshop will take two days, the first day to get a drawing done and watercolor applied.  The second day we will work on adding colored pencil.

The workshop will take place at The Church of The Redeemer downstairs On Thursday February 22nd and Friday February 23rd,  2024. Probably from 10 to 4:00. To be determined. 


The cost will be $225.  Please let me know if you plan to attend.  To reserve your place  send a check to: 

Cindy Clifton 

2118 Alameda Ave. 

Sarasota, Florida 34234

Make your check out to: FCNA   On the memo Line put Anda Chance 


Although the lesson will be based on this sunflower, I encourage attendees to bring their botanical image to work on.  (Please no grandchildren, pets or landscapes). The technique is the same and I am hoping attendees will make time for exploration, not a "copy the teacher" workshop.  Individuals may bring their own line drawing already to transfer to Stonehenge paper.

The list is generic, I am not fussy about which brand of colored pencil or watercolor EXCEPT they have to be a quality product. NO Crayola, Rose Art, Arteza pencils or Windsor Newton or Grumbacher paints, you get the idea. 

Supply List:

1. Stonehenge Hot Press white (1/4 to 1/2 sheet for the sunflowers, 1/4 sheet is large enough)
2. Watercolor paints (I will be using Rembrandt)
3. Colored Pencils (I use Prismacolor and Derwent)
4. Artist tape if you have it.
5. Round watercolor brushes (sizes 4 or 6)
6. Electric pencil sharpener (you may share with a friend).
7. 3M Magic tape (no substitutes please)
8. Eraser shield
9. Assorted Tombo erasers and assorted erasers of your choice. (These may be shared with a friend.)
10. Table lamp if you need one.
11. Graphite or mechanical pencil.
12. Drawing board or similar support for your drawing.


I will supply:

Reference Photo
Transfer line drawing
Graphite transfer paper


Sunflower Version 1.jpg
Ann Kulberg.png
Lanza gallery.webp
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